White Paper: Completing the Global User Experience

If you truly want to improve your customer experience online, you need to look past the obvious. Achieving employee and web visitor engagement through the seamless integration of web content management.

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The customer-facing aspects of the digital experience are well known — great content, personalization, a compelling user interface and mobile support. What’s less obvious, but equally important, is the “back end” experience provided to content creators, developers and integrators– the people whose talents must be efficiently marshalled to create a great customer experience. Collectively, these experiences can be described as the “global user experience.”

In this white paper, entitled “Beyond Customer Experience Management: What Your CMS Really Needs to Deliver”, you will learn about the strategic importance of a CMS designed to support all aspects of the global user experience. A well-designed CMS should inspire better performance from content creators, developers and integrators and lead to improved customer experiences that deliver more business impact.

This insightful document is the result of a collaboration among Marc Strohlein, Principal of Agile Business Logic, Stefan Walgenbach, Vice President of R&D for e-Spirit, and Oliver Jaeger, Vice President of Global Marketing & Communications for e-Spirit. Each co-author brings their years of cross-discipline experience in the CMS industry to bear while challenging many popular assumptions about what’s important in a CMS.

Download this white paper now to learn:

    • The components of the global user experience – and how to put them into action
    • The full scope of the customer experience and why every piece matters
    • How to get the most from your content creators
    • Critical CMS requirements for the developer experience
    • Steps you must follow to ensure your CMS doesn’t become an island
    • Ways to evaluate what CMS vendors are right for you
    • Key factors in selecting the right CMS