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Article: Software Development Between Design and Usability

Jörn Bodemann writes about design and usability in software development

Feature article by e-Spirit CEO Jörn Bodemann

Solution developers face a balancing act between the design and the usability of their products. e-Spirit CEO Jörn Bodemann highlights a recent trend in software development, that becomes more and more apparent: The user experience and demands are changing – users are not looking for intelligent user interfaces anymore, but for cool design. And with this drive towards modern product design, usability takes a back seat, often to its detriment. Manufacturers of software solutions have to be aware about how design and usability aspects are connected and how both result into a specific user experience.

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Jörn Bodemann’s feature article about software development’s balancing act between design and usability can be downloaded here.

The text has also been published by The Content Wrangler: To read the full article there, please click here.

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