Change the way you think about content and how you deliver it for maximum impact

e-Spirit is finally making the promise of content monetization a reality by breaking through traditional content and data silos, helping enterprises deliver the most accurate and relevant customer experience to their target markets. Now that it is possible to engage your customers from anywhere, traditional content management is too narrow and tactical in scope. Companies that are unable to embrace this digital transformation and turn it into a digital advantage will find themselves falling behind the competition. FirstSpirit enables companies to achieve transformation with less time and less overall effort.

What to do? Simply build your own Digital Experience Hub and provide a consistent and complementary experience across all channels and devices by connecting all of the people, best-of breed technologies, proprietary systems,real-time data, assets and information needed. Suddenly your content becomes more accessible, targeted and valuable and your audiences benefit from a great customer experience. You are bringing order to the chaos of today’s digital landscape. You are a digital transformation hero.

FirstSpirit enables us to efficiently get target group-specific content online while reducing costs and efforts at the same time.

Isabel Herzog, Geberit International AG

Elements of the Digital Experience Hub include:

Best-of-Breed Integration

Integrate applications and systems to preserve your previous investments.
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Think Globally

Simplify global brand consistency and support your international business objectives.
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Support Multiple Brands

Easily reuse content across different brands while making sure those brands are differentiated.
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Get Personal

Improve website traffic and engagement, while boosting sales and customer loyalty. Serve up pertinent content and a consistent experience every time on every channel. Read more

FirstSpirit AppCenter

Integrate the best of the Web to give your customers a richer experience and boost your team’s productivity.

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Global User Experience

Allow content creators, marketers, and developers to focus on the customer experience itself, not the mechanics of producing it.
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