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FirstSpirit™ CMS for E-Commerce

Create a flourishing e-commerce presence

By integrating the FirstSpirit content management system into their e-commerce platform along with product information management (PIM), media asset management (MAM) and customer relationship management (CRM) and the right marketing tools, businesses can develop efficient, attractive and profitable online stores.

Efficiently blend CMS and best-of-breed solutions

FirstSpirit is the perfect CMS for companies that expect more from their e-commerce solution than just a basic online store to showcase products and take orders. True to our best-of-breed approach, we concentrate on our core content management expertise and support your online strategy to ensure your e-commerce solutions and marketing tools work together seamlessly.

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FirstSpirit and e-commerce: The benefits

Seamless online stores through integration of PIM, MAM, back-ends and CMS

FirstSpirit can be easily and quickly integrated into any desired or existing e-commerce system. All data, images and functionalities from your PIM and MAM systems and store back-ends, such as IBM Management Center for WebSphere Commerce, can be opened, edited and integrated into the store directly through a central interface in the CMS.

Support for multiple output channels

By using FirstSpirit, users can output data and documents into many different formats – HTML, XML and PDF as well as newsletters, brochures and mailings – as well as on online and offline channels. And, of course, FirstSpirit supports effortless output to mobile devices.

More efficient editing processes save time and money

The flexible integration of editing and output options in FirstSpirit make it easier than ever before for employees in the editorial, PR, marketing and various line-of-business departments to produce high-quality and topical content on e-commerce websites. Editors working on complex, international online stores also benefit from multilingual support and translation management workflows.

With single sign-on, users don’t have to log in separately in their e-commerce solution, but instead can conveniently edit all content and applications directly in FirstSpirit with fewer steps. This simplifies and accelerates store maintenance and reduces potential errors, saving time and money.

Enjoyable user experience for editors and customers

The best e-commerce platforms feature interesting and compelling content. With FirstSpirit, editors can easily and quickly integrate attractive, interactive and personalized content into online stores. This can include product details, videos and recommendations or feedback and discussion forums.

The FirstSpirit AppCenter enables seamless integration of high-value Web applications. Enriching your online store with marketing content – within the framework of a defined corporate design and considering regional differences – can greatly improve your customers’ experience and encourage referrals and repeat visits.

We can help you give your customers a consistently enjoyable shopping experience, all the way from discovery to purchase and delivery, through to feedback.

Multilingual document support

With its full Unicode support, documents can be entered in FirstSpirit in any number of languages, and the document structure assures text versions are automatically synchronized. Language-specific variations are also possible in sections, chapters or whole documents as well as pictures and graphics.

Text can be translated directly in FirstSpirit, with source and target languages positioned side by side and changes to the document immediately visible. An XML-based export/import interface also enables the use of popular translation software.

Integration solutions for leading e-commerce systems

FirstSpirit provides optimum conditions for quickly integrating with any desired or existing e-commerce system:

  • With proven WebSphere Commerce integration, e-Spirit has worked hard to be the first CMS provider listed in the IBM Industry Retail Framework and is a recipient of an IBM Smarter Commerce Validation Program Award
  • In hybris or Demandware commerce environments, FirstSpirit helps to deliver personalized quality content for engaging customer experiences
  • Further integration options are available for e-commerce solutions from Oracle ATG, Intershop, Informatica/Heiler and others
E-commerce integration using the example of www.saturn.de


  • Set up integrated e-commerce solutions
  • Build multilingual, international online stores
  • Create regional and personalized offerings
  • Support integrated and time-controlled campaigns

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