Personalized websites with FirstSpirit CMS

By offering Web visitors content tailored to their interests, you’ll do a better job of attracting and retaining their attention, improving two-way communication and ultimately boosting sales and gaining loyalty from customer and employees alike.

What’s the best way to your website users’ hearts? Get personal

Page views and clicks are gold—whether it’s a customer or prospect searching for a product or service and an employee navigating a company website. Clicks that more quickly translate into sales or boost productivity are the direct result of content that resonates with your audience. Content tailored to a particular user’s interests and preferences has a far greater chance of hitting the mark than random, generic content.

Tapping into mouse-click gold is easy with FirstSpirit CMS. It makes personalizing your website nearly effortless, so your visitors get content pertinent to them. Every time. And you get clear, accurate profiles that help you effectively segment your audiences—regardless of their device, desktop or mobile, so they can consume content however they choose.

Highest possible usability for content manager and editors

What’s more, FirstSpirit integrates with your analysis tools, sales and marketing automation systems and other Web tools, so the right content goes to the right people. In other words, you minimize waste circulation and obtain higher conversions rates. And FirstSpirit makes your content creators’ and editors’ lives easier by giving them the ability to easily add, edit and reuse content without turning to IT for support.

FirstSpirit makes personalizing websites easy by providing the following:

  • Functionality that helps you learn about website visitors as they click around your site, seeing content that is relevant to them
  • Manage dynamic customer communication with ease
  • Less waste circulation as finely targeted content is presented to the right users

  • Integration with sales analysis and marketing automation tools
  • Point-and-click ease for editors in adding, editing and reusing content across all output channels and devices

For more information about how FirstSpirit can help you get personal, contact us today!

Get started now!

With the personal approach gaining in popularity on e-commerce sites and intranets, companies that recognize its value early will reap the rewards. FirstSpirit is the right tool to help you create and dynamically present personalized content to reach and engage your target audiences time and time again.

An absolute highlight is how easy it is to distribute and reuse content which allows us to effectively target specific user groups on our websites and in sales campaigns according to region/country and interest.

Rolf Züger, IT Application Analyst, Geberit AG