Keep your customers coming back, back…and back again

Giving your customers engaging digital experiences requires orchestrating technologies and team members to support the entire customer journey. FirstSpirit synchronizes digital content and processes so you can deliver the cross-channel consistency customers expect.

Use FirstSpirit to drive a seamless customer experience across all touch points

For most organizations today, providing a great customer experience is job number one. Customers expect consistent and seamless experiences and interactions no matter where and how they interact with your organization.

Yet delivering on those expectations is hard. James Allen, partner at Bain & Company, reports that 80 percent of businesses believe that they provide a great customer experience, yet only 8 percent of customers feel the same way. Moreover, customers are attention-starved, fickle, demanding and always on the go.

As such, a truly great customer experience must encompass a range of devices, channels, people, and incorporate virtually every business unit. That’s why we take a holistic view of customer experience management: FirstSpirit supports not only all your digital customer-facing channels, but also has the capability to play a strong role in supporting the needs of call centers, sales staff, partners, and brick and mortar employees. Consistent experiences on all touch points along the customer journey are key to keeping happy customers coming back and back again, increasing traffic, conversion and revenue.

How FirstSpirit enables great digital customer experiences:

Content matters

FirstSpirit provides the tools you need for delivering the right content at the right time to the right person in the right context in a form that is useful and usable no matter the channel or device.

Best of the Web

The internet is full of literally 1,000s of cloud-based apps and services you can use to improve the customer experience. FirstSpirit AppCenter provides a simple way to creatively take advantage of the best the Web has to offer to improve the customer experience.

Eye candy

If customers wanted big blocks of static text, they would read a book. On the Web, customers expect a visually rich, engaging, and interactive interface that enhances their overall content experience. FirstSpirit offers all the tools you need to make this possible quickly and easily without IT involvement.

Fast answers

Nothing undermines the customer experience more than the frustration of not being able to find answers quickly and easily. With FirstSpirit, navigation and search are easy, fast and intuitive. Memorable URLs are easily created as well.


By connecting to databases and maintaining details about a customer’s demographic and activity profile, you can deliver content that is objective, focused, and specific to each customer’s interests.


As a best-of-breed CMS, FirstSpirit excels at integration, able to work seamlessly with installed applications and virtually any other best-of-breed third-party application used to support the customer experience. In FirstSpirit Web services and APIs are easy to access and require minimal programming to leverage for rapid integration into any environment.