Mobile Web: Tailored content for all devices

Smartphone and tablet users continue to drive the adaptation of websites for mobile devices. FirstSpirit makes it easy to build apps and use responsive Web design to keep content fresh and adaptable for any device, helping to ensure the success of your digital strategies.

In our mobile world there’s only one rule: Make it Mobile

Ok, two: Do it with FirstSpirit

It’s true. Just a few years ago, companies were told they had better have slick, compelling websites to reach and keep customers and stakeholders. The only path to corporate success—they were told—was paved with websites with a range of textual and graphical information that looked sharp on great big desktop monitors.

But the rules have changed. And they’re going to keep on changing. We’re fast heading toward a world where billions (not millions) of people will use their smartphones to access the Internet to search and buy. That means those websites built for desktop systems will have to be overhauled or built from the ground up for much smaller screens.

Do it with native or hybrid apps...

Apps are a proven way to put your marketing content in the palm of your audience. Trouble is, apps are very expensive to build and maintain. Hybrid apps can work like native apps, but are less costly to implement. Regardless of the approach, you will need apps to work closely with your Web content management systems for the best user experience.

...and responsive Web design

An emerging approach is responsive Web design that offers app-like usability by adapting sites to any mobile devices, regardless of users’ or developers’ technology – without the expense of building individual apps or dedicated mobile sites. Responsive Web design promises to be the technology standard for the future in website development. For more information about how FirstSpirit makes it easy see our "Responsive Web Design" solution website.

Whatever you chose, FirstSpirit content management system can make creating or adapting websites and apps for mobile devices easy and cost-effective. Just as your mobile audiences are always on the move, you need a CMS that keeps pace. That CMS is FirstSpirit.

Do it all with FirstSpirit

Chances are your mobile strategies will take many shapes, depending on such variables as audience demographics, product line and whether you’re targeting external or internal users and partners. The needs and strategies can vary significantly. That’s why we’ve designed FirstSpirit to be the most flexible CMS for mobile on the market today.

Key advantages to using FirstSpirit for mobile include:

  • Central management of content promotes reuse of content whether it was originally developed for mobile or the corporate website
  • Extensive templating for consistent branding across smartphones, tablets and desktop devices
  • Separation of content and layout means that content editors can focus on creating compelling content rather than managing output device variables

  • Ability to automatically determine display device and deliver the appropriate content and layouts – a critical capability for responsive design
  • Support for the complete range of mobile delivery strategies including native and hybrid apps, mobile channels and responsive design
  • Open and flexible architecture for integrating mobile application servers, e-commerce and mobile marketing systems with the CMS and other backend systems