Erste FirstSpirit Developer-Konferenz hat die Erwartungen übertroffen

von Ilja Zeidler am 11.12.2018

Mit großem Erfolg hat e-Spirit seine erste Developer-Konferenz (FirstSpirit Devcon) in Frankfurt an den Start gebracht. Die über 80 teilnehmenden Partner und Kunden bekamen einen technischen Deep-Dive geboten, der sich über die komplette FirstSpirit Digital Experience Plattform erstreckt hat. ...


Techinar: FirstSpirit Omnichannel Manager

von Raphael Richter am 07.05.2018

In unserem nächsten Webinar für Developer am 23.05.2018 von 11 – 12 Uhr stellen wir den FirstSPirit Omnichannel Manager vor. In der einstündigen Session geben wir Einblicke in die Preview dynamischer ...


Integrating Google Services in your Intranet

von Stefanie Noeske am 11.05.2015

Google Services are high discussed. A lot of companies use them already and are more than satisfied while others are unsure or even against it. If you decide to use Google Services this blog shows ...


Upload Hooks

von Daniel Rüttershoff-Unger am 06.05.2015

Today a media object not only consist of the picture or the file. In digital pictures additional meta data like the camera producer, the camera model or the photographer are saved in the exchangeable ...


Creating Sitemaps for Search Engines

von Christian Thomas am 03.10.2014

Web crawlers of search engines usually discover pages by following links within your site from one page to another. This approach can lead to search engines not finding

FirstSpirit <RULES> - Part 2

von Christian Thomas am 30.09.2014

In the first article about FirstSpirit <RULES> we described what rules or dynamic forms in FirstSpirit are and provided several useful examples on how they can help you solve common requiremen ...


Creating Search Engine Friendly URLs - Part 1

von Daniel Leinich am 19.05.2014

When putting a lot of effort into creating content for the visitors of your website, you definitely want them to actually find it. As potential buyers and other interested parties use search engines ...

FirstSpirit <RULES>!

von Christian Thomas am 22.02.2014

One of the great new features of FirstSpirit 5 is the possibilty to create dynamic forms. This article will help you get started with this feature and gives examples ranging from enabling/disabling ...


Connecting read-only Databases in a Multisite Scenario

von Raphael Richter am 23.01.2014

In FirstSpirit there are several possibilities to transfer content from one or more master projects to different so called target projects. This could be country websites that use central content ...

Offline Manifests with FirstSpirit

von Christian Thomas am 13.12.2013

This article shows a way to create offline manifests for your projects. Offline manifests - also called appcache or cache manifest - are a feature of HTML5 which instructs the browser on the client ...

Search Engine Optimization using Canonical Tags

von Michael Bergmann am 23.11.2013

Duplicate content on websites has a negative impact on the ranking in search engines like Google. But there are cases in which you simply can not avoid it due to technical needs. In this article we ...


Dictionaries in FirstSpirit

von Christoph Bohm am 30.09.2013

When you need to publish multi-lingual websites you are frequently faced with the need to provide translations for terms that are not exactly editorial content. These terms are mostly labels that are ...


Handling High Resolution Images with FirstSpirit

von Sebastian Glock am 10.09.2013

After a tremendous growth of mobile internet access in the recent years, most web projects nowadays have to cope with mobilizing their content in one or another way. There are numerous approaches of ...

Let's have a deep look inside FirstSpirit!

von Daniel Leinich am 22.08.2013

Equipped with experience from hundreds of projects we want to use this new Inside FirstSpirit blog to describe best practices on how to implement various requirements. Inside FirstSpirit is made for ...