Christian Thomas

FirstSpirit <RULES> - Part 2

von Christian Thomas am 30.09.2014

In the first article about FirstSpirit we described what rules or dynamic forms in FirstSpirit are and provided several useful examples on how they can help you solve common requirements and ...


Creating Sitemaps for Search Engines

von Christian Thomas am 03.10.2014

Web crawlers of search engines usually discover pages by following links within your site from one page to another. This approach can lead to search engines not finding

FirstSpirit <RULES>!

von Christian Thomas am 22.02.2014

One of the great new features of FirstSpirit 5 is the possibilty to create dynamic forms. This article will help you get started with this feature and gives examples ranging from enabling/disabling ...

Offline Manifests with FirstSpirit

von Christian Thomas am 13.12.2013

This article shows a way to create offline manifests for your projects. Offline manifests - also called appcache or cache manifest - are a feature of HTML5 which instructs the browser on the client ...