The RightStart Program

With our RightStart team working with your team, you can be assured that your FirstSpirit implementation will get to the finish line on time and on budget. RightStart is a four-phased program that aligns our Professional Services Team with your team to assist you in the following ways.

  • Getting a handle on your requirements. We work with you to gather and formulate exactly what you need, so you know all the key requirements for a successful outcome.
  • Detailing your design for current and future needs. In this critical phase, we make sure your project’s needs, including content migration, become part of the detailed design specs.
  • Developing the core infrastructure. Based on your specs, our team helps build the asset model, workflows, templates and any customizations you need.
  • Easing into a full-scale deployment. We’re here to make sure your deployment, including populating content and full-scale testing, goes flawlessly.

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