About Us

Our mission is to empower marketers, e-commerce managers and IT professionals with our content management software to create and deliver inspiring digital experiences with ease to any channel to delight their customers, drive business and outperform competition.

We call this “The Digital Experience Edge”.

The Spirit of e-Spirit

e-Spirit is a leader in enabling companies to unlock the value of digital content and transform the way they communicate with customers and employees. With our Digital Experience Platform approach we are supporting our customers with their digital transformation efforts. Using the industry leading FirstSpirit™ content management system, organizations worldwide can connect all of their people, systems and applications to the centralized, real-time data, assets and information necessary to publish content with total accuracy and relevancy across all channels and devices.

If there's one thing that defines e-Spirit as a company it's this: focus. We are focused on providing the absolute best content management solution possible so our customers can offer their audiences a seamless online experience. This focus means that we're not interested in building ERP or CRM software, or going out acquiring a bunch of companies for the sake of rapid growth. No, our passion is being the best at what we do, and that's content management software.

Over the years, this philosophy has connected us to like-minded customers and partners who similarly believe that "best-of-breed" offers the best foundation for long-term success. As a result, we have consistently driven innovations that benefit customers such as class-leading usability and easy integration with portals, back-end system and cloud apps through tools like AppCenter. Customers can count on us for a clear road-map for the future and to keep current with the rapid pace of digital transformation.

We enjoy strong customer adoption on a global basis. Our customers include such well-known brands as L’Oréal, Nintendo, BASF, Bosch, Commerzbank, Geberit, Olympus, and many more.


Company values

They guide our business and how we commmunicate and interact with each other, our customers and partners.


Management team

e-Spirit benefits from a strong team of experienced leaders.


Office locations

e-Spirit supports a global customer base from offices across Europe, APAC and the USA.