Crownpeak Company Values

One team – one goal

Our employees have top priority – it is them and their team spirit that make our organization significantly special. Effective and trusting collaboration is not optional but the foundation. We know that we only get the best results through teamwork so we support one another and approach all matters conjointly. Through deep collaboration between our departments and locations, we all understand what it means to play our part in the success of the organization.

Our customers are our compass

Everything we do is aligned with our customers. We are committed to support them in every facet. The responsibility to provide a compelling customer experience and offer sustainable solutions is part of our DNA. Everyone has a customer – colleagues and partners are also customers.

Open and honest

We embrace transparency – we make our work visible and share information openly with the ultimate goal of understanding everyone's focus and service. Everyone can access all relevant information to be able to make the best decision for the organization. We communicate frankly and on the same level. And we do it smartly by considering what to say when and how.

The right balance

We are passionate about what we do. In order to be successful and maintain fun at work, things must be proportional. Therefore we remain aware of the right balance between benefit and effort, demand and capacity. When we decide to do one thing, it means not doing another.

Inspire through leadership!

At Crownpeak everyone is proactive, accepts responsibility and actively participates. We have leaders at all levels who inspire their people and peers, and work side by side with everyone to drive actions and change. We value diverse ideas, opinions and approaches.

Stay with the flow

Our intention is to drive continuous improvement. We are constantly challenging the status quo, learning and adapting to a continually changing world. Through a consistent flow of work we efficiently create value for our customers. We resolve one thing before we commence something else.


Company values

They guide our business and how we commmunicate and interact with each other, our customers and partners.


Management team

Crownpeak benefits from a strong team of experienced leaders.