AI-Powered Personalization at Scale Becomes a Reality for Marketers

Personalization Marketing Innovation
by Michael Gerard

For quite some time now, marketers have been promised real-time website and mobile personalization. However, many of these promises have failed to deliver as capabilities were limited to personalizing a small piece of content on a website (such as a name, ad, image or block of text), or changing website content based upon a customer’s stated preferences which is really nothing more than customization disguised as personalization.

Past challenges have also included a lack of integration between personalization software and content management solutions, or a simple lack of solutions meeting the global scale requirements of medium to large enterprises. The amount of content needed to realize the promise of personalization also posed a problem, as well as the perceived complexity of executing a personalization strategy. The result was that to marketers, true personalization was necessary but out of reach. Happily, those days are over. Welcome to the future where you no longer need to look to point solution vendors to access AI-powered personalization capabilities for delivering digital experiences.

e-Spirit is excited to announce the FirstSpirit Intelligent Content Engine, a new core component of the FirstSpirit Digital Experience Platform. The FirstSpirit Intelligent Content Engine enables marketers to provide AI-powered, personalized digital experiences via any channel to increase engagement and compel users to action throughout the buyer’s journey, all in one digital experience platform. This new solution solves several of marketers’ greatest challenges:

1. Capture your audience’s attention with highly personalized content and promotions, thereby breaking through the clutter of content that users are bombarded with daily. This will improve engagement with customers and existing leads, and drive greater revenue and online purchases.

2. Address fragmentation of the buyer’s journey. Customers use many devices to get their information and make purchases. Personalized content synchronized across any devices helps to create a coherent message and relationship with your buyers.

3. Improve the disjointed marketing tech stack: There are many point solutions for different aspects of personalization, not to mention the slew of other software used by marketers. Having one digital experience solution, including content management, personalization and omnichannel marketing, coupled with the ability to interoperate in any digital experience ecosystem, improves total cost of ownership and time to value.

Breaking down (data) silos will offer new perspectives and will allow the team to combine multiple viewpoints to better understand what’s going on, why it might be happening and what action to take based on the analysis.


4. Break down the data silos. The FirstSpirit Intelligent Content Engine leverages data from internal and external sources as well as behavioral data; enabling coherent personalization strategies across channels.

Core capabilities of the FirstSpirit Intelligent Content Engine along with examples of the solution in action include:

  • Advanced Customer Segmentation—Understand and define audience segments with highly individualized experiences using cross-channel behavioral insights and data from external and internal sources. These segments are confirmed real-time thru customer interactions and other data sources.
  • Automated Personalization—Optimize interactions and drive conversions by dynamically delivering synchronized and personalized content and page layouts across devices and channels. Every consumer is exposed to thousands of marketing messages each day. As attention span is short, the most valuable part of your website and other channels is real-estate. Not maximizing the impact of precious content leads to wasted conversion and indecisive customers.

    For example, B2B marketers can customize any part of a website in real-time based upon a visitor’s information as gathered from their company’s marketing automation and CRM systems for targeted account-based marketing. E-commerce marketers can also, for example, deliver one or many different promotions in real-time to a site visitor based upon their customer segment.
  • Real-Time Testing and Optimization—Drive clicks by automatically and continuously optimizing the performance of any content using AI-powered testing and optimization algorithms.

    For example, use testing and optimization to determine which promotions are best for individual end users based upon their customer segments or other attributes, and optimize based upon page views, subscriptions, AOV (average order value) or many other drivers.
  • Product and Content Recommendations—Increase user retention, session length and purchases by inserting data-driven product, content and email recommendations at critical touchpoints and drop-offs.

    For example, a customer is conducting a search for a type of product. FirstSpirit’s Intelligent Content Engine can be easily configured by marketing to recommend specific types of products in a specific order to optimize according to AOV.
  • Behavioral Messaging—Boost engagement with behavioral-triggered incentivizing overlays and notifications, retargeting display ads, exit intent overlays, emails, and more.

    For example, use a behavioral exit intent overlay (similar to a pop-up) to display a personalized product recommendation or promotion that will reduce shopping cart abandonment.

The FirstSpirit Intelligent Content Engine will help marketers to finally tap into the power of data to create and deliver highly individualized content to their users in real-time, synchronized across any channel to outperform their competitors. We call this the digital experience edge and it aligns with e-Spirit’s mission to be the leader in delivering personalized digital experiences, anytime, anywhere for maximum impact for our customers.

Want to learn more about AI-powered personalized digital experiences? Get a demo, read about it or watch our recently recorded webinar called “Personalize or Perish: AI-Driven Digital Experience Personalization for a Competitive Edge”.

About the author

Michael is responsible for e-Spirit's global marketing strategy. He has 15+ years of marketing and sales experience in SaaS companies, and has written about many topics across technology, marketing strategy and other marketing-related areas.

Michael Gerard