What’s Your Strategy For Tailoring Local Content?

Globalization is a word that’s used quite a bit in business. What could be better than opening the doors to potential customers in other countries? Well, for those people who manage company websites on a global level, they might have a different opinion. Enforcing consistency across all corporate websites, as well as following corporate policies, can be a headache.

One company that tackled this issue is a new customer of ours, PAYBACK, a leading international loyalty program company. Earlier today we announced that PAYBACK is using the FirstSpirit Content Management System from e-Spirit as the new strategic platform for its international Web portals. More than 50 million active PAYBACK customers receive special customized offers, coupons and information via the PAYBACK web portals.

Having a tightly integrated CMS allows PAYBACK to increase service availability and improve its mobile channels. What makes content creators happy is that it simplifies posting new content which leads to faster international rollouts.

So let me ask you… what is your content strategy for globalization and localization to help tailor content at the local level?