Smarter Commerce Starts with a Content Management Solution

One of the themes we heard frequently last week at the IBM Smarter Commerce Global Summit in Nashville had to do with the importance of content – fresh, relevant and compelling content linked to e-commerce systems. And the best way to manage all that content and drive it out to multiple channels is with a content management system integrated into the e-commerce platform.

The scope of the challenge is capture neatly in the white-board drawing below about the new world of commerce. Looking through the graphic, you see phrases like “eCommerce is over,” “silos are a problem” and “complexity of channels.” On the content marketing side, the focus is on the customer journey, expanding the vision, doing something relevant and delivering the right content at the right time.

To get a sense of how the landscape is changing, one merely had to be a fly on the wall at the e-Spirit booth. For instance, we had many marketing, pre-sales, sales and support folks from IBM coming by to learn how the integration between a CMS system and IBM’s commerce platforms could help companies thrive in this new and more complex message.

One of the key points that really resonated is that by integrating a CMS with the e-commerce site you get a fully modern Web presence that can handle multiple channels and the like, but without the need for full-scale rip and replace and the associated disruption or long, expensive implementation cycles.

The show was also notable for us at e-Spirit in that we won an IBM Choice Award in the Commerce category, as you can see in the official photo below. These awards honor IBM business partners who have demonstrated business excellence in delivering IBM-based solutions to mutual clients. e-Spirit is one of only 14 independent software vendors in the Smarter Commerce space.

Needless to say it was a great event and we’ll be back next year.