Keep Them Wanting More

Recently I discussed the importance of having compelling content on your company’s website to attract online viewers. So once you’ve hooked the person to visit your website, how do you keep them there? Just as important, how do you keep them coming back? By having an engaging website.

There are many factors as to why some websites are better than others, but one of the most important factors is using fresh information that is updated regularly so that your website doesn’t go stale. That may seem obvious but, ask yourself, how many times have you gone to a company’s website and noticed that the home page hasn’t changed in weeks?

Keep in mind that fresh content doesn’t mean just posting tons of information with no real purpose. Information overload is very annoying. To give you an idea of how much content is being showcased on a regular basis, according to MediaPost, “And part of the YouTube conundrum is the sheer speed and scale of new content being added to the platform: the number of hours of content that is uploaded to the site's servers each minute now stands at 100 hours.”

Here are some suggestions to help you keep your information on your website fresh and engaging:

  • Have a blog: Provide interesting information about your industry, your products or your role in the company . It’s also important to get other employees involved in writing blog posts so you can showcase different points of view.
  • Rolling news: A ticker with the day’s headlines is an easy way to keep your readers updated on what’s going on in your industry.
  • Statistics: There are scores of research firms out there. Spend a few minutes each week scouring the web for interesting industry stats.
  • Seasonal: With the holiday season coming up (Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas), make sure you have information posted that is time-sensitive. There’s nothing worse than having Halloween promotions on your website in mid-November.
  • Audience-specific: Make sure that the content on your website speaks to your target market. If I’m entering a contest on a beer’s website in conjunction with the NFL, I don’t want to see information about breakfast cereal.
While it’s true that content is king, don’t forget to make sure that the king gets a new outfit on a regular basis. Having a stale, boring and outdated website is a sure-fire way to lose customer interest.