We’ve got your back, content creators!

The launch of FirstSpirit 5.1 has been gratifying for us in that one of our guiding principles—creating a great global user experience—continues to gain traction with a wider audience. We’ve always believed that the experience provided to content creators, integrators and developers—the people who form the content value chain, if you will—is critical to a great customer experience.

Notes EContent Magazine, FirstSpirit 5.1 has “new features that are intended to enhance the user experience along the entire Web experience supply chain.” And CMS Wire points out that with v5.1, e-Spirit states it is “pushing the boundaries of what users can do with its CMS.” We believe the boundaries for making a great website should be as limitless as the imagination is for conceiving it. In other words, we’re 100% behind you, content creators!

But back in the real world, the world of online stores in particular, the imperative is clear: a staggering 57.4% growth in online retail in just four years is predicted by Forrester Research. By 2017 online sales are project to be $385 billion. And the big spenders? Gen Y (25- to 33-year-olds) and Gen X (34- to 47-year-olds). These are often the demographics that buy on mobile devices. So, the easy creation and distribution of content on multiple devices is critical to companies’ long-term viability.

Of course, that means the whole process has to be easy enough for content creators to spend their energies creating and not fumbling with complicated systems.

How does FirstSpirit 5.1 make it easier and more efficient to get the word out?

  • Enhanced ContentCreator: The browser-based central editing environment that is the heart of the CMS has been completely overhauled. It’s now easier than ever for content creators—we mean anyone who supplies text, photos and graphics on a website— to do their jobs: create and publish dynamic and personalized content, run a digital marketing campaign, reuse content on bricks-and-mortar store ads or keep consistent messaging throughout a global enterprise.
  • Multi-perspective Preview: Editors can now view content pages just as their visitors would; no wondering what the final product would look like on a tablet or smartphone. With one click editors can see what is being displayed to a particular target group and how the pages look in different screen display sizes.

FirstSpririt 5.1 also offers improved drag and drop that takes intuitive to a whole new meaning and a wealth of features to improve the developer experience, such as a highlighting feature in Template Inspector that makes it easy to find your spot in page preview and an enhancement to Template Debugger that make programming templates faster and bug-free.

A fair amount of ingenuity goes into creating a topnotch website. For you in the content value chain, focus on honing your creativity. We’ll take care of the tools you need.