A Web CMS that creates harmony for marketing and IT

Forrester principal analyst Ted Schadler recently commented on his blog about the disconnect between marketing and IT when it comes to adopting new software to deliver digital experiences:

“Unfortunately, the mismatch of customer-facing teams scrambling to build new digital services while CIOs and their teams hunker down to cut cost and risk has caused a disconnect on the role of technology management in delivering great experiences.”

At e-Spirit we’ve always believed that it’s critical to make sure that our technology addresses the issues and simplifies the processes for all of the parties involved. It’s true that marketing and IT might have different goals but we believe it’s very important to make sure that the technology is easy to use for all of your company’s employees. When we launched FirstSpirit 5.1 we emphasized how our Web CMS was designed to support content creators (i.e. marketers who want flexibility), integrators and developers (i.e. IT who are overloaded with projects.) In fact, a customer once told me that he felt that “e-Spirit brings freedom to marketing and IT.”

The point to focus on here is that Web CMS technology is not just about features or about the people who actually create the website in the first place. It’s about finding technology that simplifies creating content for everyone within your company. The reality is, if it’s too hard to work with your Web CMS, then nobody in your company will create fresh content which means your customers, and your potential customers, won’t be interested in returning to your site or buying your products or services.

It’s important to understand that your Web CMS should be easy to use for all parties involved including customers, content creators, integrators and developers—which helps ensure a great Global User Experience for everyone. So remember, technology needs to help employees work together, not push them apart.