The real secret to great customer experiences: employees

In the age of the customer, there’s no mystery as to why everyone is so focused on delivering a great customer experience online. But what often gets lost is the importance of making sure that employees have the modern tools they need to support customers. Too often corporate intranets are poorly organized, run on antiquated platforms and lack mobile and social capabilities.

Taking a deeper look at the impact of a poor intranet on employee productivity and morale – particularly as more and more millennials enter the workforce – will be the topic of a free webinar on Intranet trends to be held at 2 p.m. EST on Thursday March 5. At the helm will be my colleague Scott Kush, who brings more than 15 years deploying effective and dynamic Web solutions.

This is sure to be interesting and engaging discussion, and provide insight into ways companies can efficiently and cost-effectively improve their employee experience – and see how that translates into improved customer experiences.


In case you've missed the webinar on March 5 and would like to see the recorded session, please get in touch.