Achieve true digital transformation with the Corporate Content Cloud

As you may have read on CMSWire and other outlets, e-Spirit has launched what we are calling the Corporate Content Cloud initiative to help our customers achieve true digital transformation.

What exactly is digital transformation and how does the Corporate Content Cloud concept help?

First let’s look at what we mean by digital transformation. According to researchers at the Altimeter Group, digital transformation is defined through a customer-centric lens:

“The realignment of, or new investment in, technology and business models to more effectively engage digital customers at every touchpoint in the customer experience lifecycle.”

To be sure, every company has different needs, so the definition and the requirements needed to achieve digital transformation are different. But the core need to improve the digital experience for customers exists in virtually every organization today.

One of the biggest challenges we hear at companies when we talk about digital transformation centers around managing and distributing content. Content is critical to driving customer engagement, but in most organizations content is spread all over the place – from personal laptops to shared drives to inside repositories. In one study, Gartner found a digital commerce site can now average more than 15 integration points. All this complexity makes finding and efficiently distributing content nearly impossible.

That’s where the Corporate Content Cloud comes in. By building a Corporate Content Cloud organizations can connect all of their people, systems, and applications to the centralized, real-time data, assets and information necessary to publish content with total accuracy and relevancy across all channels and devices, resulting in a seamless customer experience.

Be sure to watch this blog for more updates and information about digital transformation and the Corporate Content Cloud concept.