How Retailers Benefit from "Shopable" Content

e-Spirit and its partner Astound Commerce have worked with international retail leaders to find out why they believe content marketing continues to be critical to their success.

In today's busy retail landscape, consumers don’t just buy from one place anymore but use a range of channels to help them make their purchasing decisions. Content on these channels – be they a website or social media and sent via an e-shot, in the post or available to see in store – needs to be relevant to the reader and consistent across all channels.

Whitepaper: Content is King

This whitepaper explores the content marketing concerns and experiences of leading retailers and how technology helps them increase sales and improve brand awareness in the omnichannel customer journey.

Download the whitepaper to find out more about:

  • Building the brand and making sales
  • Content sourcing and validation
  • Personalisation
  • Streamlining with technology
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