How can you jump start digital transformation?

As you might have read in CMSWire, our survey of nearly 200 companies revealed that digital transformation is more “dream than reality” as contributing author David Roe put it. While the vast majority of companies have digital transformation projects underway, they face a host of challenges before they can give customers a seamless and compelling experience online.

If you are among the companies caught in the midst of a slow-moving digital transformation project, you’ll want to head over to the sign-up page here for the on-demand webinar entitled “The Long Road to Digital Transformation” featuring experts from CMSWire, e-Spirit and Falcon-Software.

During the webinar, you’ll first gain deeper insights into the key digital transformation challenges companies are facing based on the research data. From there, you’ll learn about effective strategies for overcoming these challenges, such as creating a Corporate Content Cloud.

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