New Video from e-Spirit Proves the Value of Integrated Content + Commerce

e-Spirit has produced a new video on content and commerce that we think you’ll like! It explains that as the number of digital touchpoints grows, so does digital complexity. This is a situation many of our blog readers know very well – that omnichannel marketing is here to stay. We know that today’s consumers don’t want to be told what, when or how to buy– they will tell you when they are ready to engage, what information they are interested in and how and when they want to buy.

So, it is up to the modern marketer understand when the consumer is ready to be influenced and how – with the right style, right content, right campaigns, right products and right type of engagement that is not only personalized, but also context-specific to that consumer’s need at that moment in time. We call these micro-moments of influence. (Learn more about micro-moments in this whitepaper.)

The problem becomes how to deliver those micro-moments. For years, marketers have been challenged with delivering engaging digital experiences across a growing number of channels and devices. Then the Internet of Things happened and with it a channel explosion that’s dramatically changing the way content is managed. New channels are cropping up every day and that growth is only accelerating – from websites, mobile sites and apps, social, IoT, wearables, digital signage and more.

Brands know they can reap higher margins when they sell directly to consumers and they take great pains to support their commerce efforts with sticky, clicky content. In the end, the goal is to merge content with commerce to drive the best user experience possible, increase conversions and revenue and gain customer loyalty. Providing exceptional digital experiences is an evolving challenge that will continue at a more furious pace as time goes by.

That’s where FirstSpirit from e-Spirit comes in. We are here to help you tell your company’s story, increase the value of your content, and connect with customers to drive engagement and loyalty with every click. If you are not familiar yet with FirstSpirit and want to learn more about our content and commerce difference, watch the video now.