e-Spirit Wins the Salesforce Demo Jam

e-Spirit won!

Won what you may ask? We won an epic, action-packed Demo Jam hosted by Salesforce, where we showed the power of e-Spirit’s CMS + Commerce solution to boost e-commerce revenue. Demo Jam’s are game show style events held the 3rd Thursday of every month where up to 6 Salesforce partners in the AppExchange are invited to go head to head in a super short, no fluff, 3-minute demo competition. The winner of the Demo Jam is chosen by the attendees -- Salesforce employees, customers and partners -- who vote for the best demo of the day...and on the August 2018 Commerce Cloud-focused Demo Jam e-Spirit was the winner!

Michael Thal -- e-Spirit Solution Architect -- rocked his way to Demo Jam fame with a kick-ass demo and won this trophy in addition to bragging rights. Isn’t it cool? We’re proud of you Michael!

What Did We Demo? → The World’s Best CMS + Salesforce Commerce Cloud

As you may imagine, it’s pretty hard to pack all of FirstSpirit’s enterprise-class Digital Experience and Content Management features into one three minute Content + Commerce demo. The biggest challenge was to compress the coolest things we can show into a single and compelling use case that retailers would love.

Knowing that EXPERIENCE is top of mind for all retailers these days, we opted to demonstrate just how easy it is to turn an ordinary commerce platform-driven product web page (or “Product Detail Page”) into an experience-driven "Product Landing Page" using FirstSpirit’s content management system (CMS) that elevates engagement and compels customers to action.

We started with a basic product detail page with a header, product picture, product description -- the usual stuff that you see on almost every e-commerce page across the world.

Then, leveraging the Salesforce Commerce Cloud (SFCC) Content Integration API which allows the FirstSpirit CMS to control page layout while Commerce Cloud handles page delivery and rendering, we selected a CMS-driven template and easily added a new background image to make the product page really pop.

Next, we showed how simple it is to drop a video on a page and make it shoppable. Shoppable videos help retailers make content more interactive and engaging with clickable links that allow shoppers to view product information, and easily make a purchase while watching. It brings retail digital experiences to a whole new level and turns shoppers into customers. In this case, there were multiple products used in the video so clickable links were added for each using simple drag and drop, including eye shadow, mascara, eye cream, etc.

Finally, we added more imagery, quotes and other types of engaging content to the page to tell a compelling story of a future that only the product -- in this case eye shadow -- unlocks. That is how e-Spirit helps you deliver content-driven commerce experiences in Salesforce Commerce Cloud environments that compel customers to action.

Below is a before and after of the product web page to really take the point home. The power of e-Spirit’s CMS to easily add a competitive advantage to your e-commerce site, integrated with Salesforce Commerce Cloud or any other enterprise-class commerce platform, is what we call the Digital Experience Edge.