Partner Program & Benefits

While our CMS makes large, complex projects run smoothly, our partners need to get up to speed fast, so there are no roadblocks to successful use of FirstSpirit. We’re committed to your success.

Our partners

Partnering for long-term success

Technology is only part of the story in a successful partnership. Crownpeak has a long track record of successful partnerships, and giving partners the support and training they need for long-term success.

Our partners

Crownpeak partners complete the FirstSpirit picture

We value our partner’s technical expertise and the unique industry knowledge they bring to every stage of the customer engagement. As a 100% product company, we seek partners that fulfill the full range of services that our customer projects require--free of channel conflicts. That’s how we ensure our partners achieve their goals with the FirstSpirit DXP.

Become FirstSpirit-certified

Being a certified implementation partner means that you have the expertise to help our customers solve their real-world digital experience challenges. It also makes you an indispensable partner, and therefore in demand. We certify partners based on a number of criteria, including:

- The number of trained FirstSpirit experts in your company

- Experience with FirstSpirit implementation projects

- Sales cooperation and joint support for clients

- The long-term nature of the collaboration

Our implementation partners

Collaboration and Support

We look for partners to help create a strategy and structure that will ensure customer success, making collaboration in all aspects of a project--such as product implementations, customer support, business development, and custom solution development--mission critical. And we’ll support you from day one with all of the training, coaching, concept and architecture checks, and project reviews you need to reach the high quality standards our customers expect.

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