Content-as-a-Service: The evolutionary jump into the digital future

Customers demand great digital experiences across all channels, even emerging ones. That demand is fundamentally changing the way content is delivered. Content-as-a-Service (CaaS) is the new marketing imperative. It's the surest way to deliver content with the speed and consistency needed to satisfy customers on their channel of choice—emerging or existing—whether via website, app, store, wearable, Internet of Things, social network or smart device.

Explaining the beauty of CaaS: our whiteboard video

FirstSpirit CaaS extends content reach to channels with the consistency customers expect, on demand. No technical skills required. Simply create content using FirstSpirit, and it will go wherever called with stunning speed and consistency via our CaaS API. Gone are the days of manually pushing content to channel after channel.

Make the evolutionary jump into the digital future with FirstSpirit CaaS.

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Benefits of FirstSpirit CaaS

Achieve faster time to market

CaaS helps companies add new channels with lightning speed by eliminating the need for traditional time-consuming integrations. Simply access content from the CaaS server and pull it where you want it to go instead of implementing individual integrations or modules in the CMS backend for each individual touchpoint. What's more, frontend developers do not need FirstSpirit expertise to pull content to their channel – they simply navigate the API. This reduces training and IT development expenses and increases independence, flexibility and speed adding new touchpoints.

Reduce digital complexity

With evolving digital channels and tools comes infrastructure complexity that even well-organized IT departments have trouble coping with. As the sheer volume of (personalized) content, data, touchpoints and digital marketing technologies explodes, CaaS makes managing your omnichannel digital strategy radically simple.

Re-use content efficiently and consistently

Instantly call content to go where it’s needed—channels, sites, devices, apps, IoT, other software, etc—re-using it dynamically for greater consistency and efficiency. FirstSpirit CaaS makes content truly agile. You do not need to "know" and embed the channels or tochpoints enymore, even third parties can easily access the CaaS API and pull the content wherever needed. Welcome to the content shareconomy!

Open up new revenue opportunities

CaaS opens the floodgates for new content-driven business models, enabling companies to monetize content in unprecedented ways. Deliver content to any ‘thing’ in the Internet of Things. Let business partners, resellers or other third parties pull your high-quality content to their own digital store or marketplace and drive revenue on all channels. The possibilities for content monetization are endless.

Customer-centricity: Design engaging digital experiences

FirstSpirit CaaS separates content from presentation allowing you to design and customize perfect customer experiences. By providing format -neutral content fragments, each unique channel and touchpoint that pulls the content can display it in the best possible way, ensuring engaging end-to-end customer journeys, without the need to implement the output designs in CaaS. Enjoy maximum frontend flexibility for targeted communication.

Increase content quality

Content is dynamically pulled from FirstSpirit CaaS ensuring the most current content will always be presented everywhere it’s called. Furthermore, analyzing content request data offers powerful qualitative and quantitative conclusions to be drawn giving greater insights into how to optimize your content for better targeting and greater success.

A short definition: What is FirstSpirit CaaS?

With FirstSpirit CaaS, we are driving the separation of content, layout and structure to the extreme. CMS content will no longer be published only in pre-defined channels integrated with the corresponding IT time and effort (Push principle). Instead, content is stored in format-neutral fragments so that these can be simply pulled from the universal CaaS interface by any frontend This will make global communication faster and more flexible, along with the ability to add new channels at speeds not yet seen previously. With FirstSpirit CaaS, developers, administrators, editors and marketers who work with FirstSpirit no longer have to be familiar with and integrate all output channels. While frontend developers who, for example, develop mobile apps for resellers or microsites for subsidiaries, do no longer need CMS know-how to reuse central corporate content. With FirstSpirit CaaS, they can simply pull the necessary content fragments from the API and publish them in the desired layout, format or structure.

FirstSpirit CaaS expands the content value chain by adding radical flexibility and agility that fling open all the doors to digital transformation and customer centricity, enabling new business models and to actually monetize content.

Pull content from the CaaS API to any touchpoint: apps, websites, smart or mobile devices, digital signage, things in the IoT

Use Case Scenarios

Smart use of content for the Internet of Things

The versatility of digital customer journeys is rising and therefore also the challenge of supplying the right information at truly every touchpoint. With FirstSpirit CaaS, you can make your content available everywhere – on a smart fridge or watch, the dashboard of a car or point-of-sale displays (digital signage).

A lighter IT infrastructure

If you’re, e.g. running an enterprise portal software for your global Intranet, CaaS could be a alternative: it enables you to replace a usually more difficult and complex portal with a lightweight frontend framework that pulls the content from the CaaS server. This approach will help you considerably streamline internal communications while saving cost for licensing, maintenance or operations for expensive enterprise software.

Generate sales using white label content

Are you a media publisher or a content marketer and make content available for a fee? This is the most direct form of content monetization and will be even easier with CaaS. Your customers can pull any kind of content without design or template restrictions for the desired channels and devices via the API and simply have them embedded in their original layouts and structures. You provide the interface and no longer have to build and run a complex infrastructure.

Reusing content in the corporate group

Do you have different brands, subsidiaries and country organizations as part of your corporate group? Are they supposed to be able to use specific centralized content? CaaS gives your subsidiaries the flexibility to access corporate content for re-use on their apps, sites or smart devices as needed. This ensures consistent and simultaneously targeted brand or country-specific customer targeting.

Reseller and marketplace models

Whether you produce B2C or B2B goods – you know your products better than anyone else. Then why not make your content available to your distributors, business customers or partners to increase product sales across all channels and to be attractive for your sales partners? You will benefit from the consistent and correct display of your products and increasing revenue. What’s more - by making your content available on demand, you might even want to consider to establish a payment model to directly monetize your content.