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e-Spirit's highly interoperable Digital Experience Platform is offered through a SaaS or On-Premises model, enabling you to build a unique platform that will differentiate you from competitors. You won’t be stuck with “good enough” solutions that don’t integrate. FirstSpirit is highly interoperable so you can orchestrate your existing and future DX ecosystem with ease.

FirstSpirit Cloud: high performance marketing with low cost of ownership

Successful marketers move in the digital world with extreme agility and purpose. Powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS), FirstSpirit Cloud reduces the complexity of your digital experience ecosystem so you can implement digital strategies with the dexterity needed to succeed in today's highly competitive market.

Advantages of the FirstSpirit Cloud


Be up and running in days, not weeks or months. No software installation is necessary.


We handle the installation, operation and maintenance of FirstSpirit for you, ensuring reliable performance.


Enterprise-class security ensures that FirstSpirit is always up and running taking the risk out of decision-making.


You get the latest features but with greater flexibility for licensing and invoicing saving you the one-time expense of purchasing software, and eliminating hardware and related IT expertise costs.


Easily scale up or down to meet sudden or extraordinary loads—you pay only for the services that you actually use. Our storage, backup and recovery options will greatly reduce costs as well.


FirstSpirit Cloud’s inherent openness and interoperability help you pivot with agility, and re-invent your digital experience ecosystem exactly when you need to, eliminating the risk of business failure.

Our goal is to support the complete customer journey with digital tools that improve the end-to-end customer experience. FirstSpirit Cloud is a future-proof tool with very high usability. Our website is now producing more high-quality leads while providing actionable customer intelligence for our sales teams. And because it is a SaaS solution, it has freed IT from the need to support ongoing website issues so they can focus on more strategic initiatives. FirstSpirit has really delivered.

Jochen Geiger, head of marketing for The Witzenmann Group

FirstSpirit On-Premises Highly Customizable to Meet Your Unique Business Strategy

FirstSpirit On-Premises is perfect if you want to build your own digital experience ecosystem. It is highly customizable giving you the freedom to choose the infrastructure your application will run on, and the interoperability to orchestrate your existing and future DX ecosystem.

  • Our perpetual license model means you purchase the software and pay an annual subscription fee for updates and support access.
  • It’s a powerful tool for building a digital ecosystem that is 100% tailored to the needs of your unique business strategy.
  • FirstSpirit’s legendary interoperability and openness mean it easily integrates with your own legacy tools and systems.
  • Enterprise-class functionality and the flexibility to customize and scale as needed with our microservices architecture.
  • Decoupled and/or headless architecture giving you the agility, flexibility and scalability to adjust to the needs of your digital experience ecosystem.

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