Crownpeak Digital Quality Management is a unified solution to manage digital policies and standards across your entire web presence.

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High Quality Accessible Digital Experiences

  • Automated Scanning. Discover issues lurking in your HTML, JavaScript, PDF, media, and other digital assets.
  • Prioritized Fix List. Get a prioritized list of issues with easy-to-understand fixes, ready to implement or assign.
  • Compliance. Monitor your site for brand, legal, and regulatory compliance issues.



Discover Issues Across All Assets

With advanced automated scanning


Make Fast Improvements

With prioritized, actionable, easy-to-understand fixes


Gain Visibility and Track Progress

With centralized dashboards and reporting across web properties


Cover All Digital Accessibility Requirements

With manual testing and browser-based remediation


Guided Program Management

With dedicated customer success managers to deliver results


Monitor For Digital Policies and Standards

With custom checkpoints that are unique to your business

Join Over 500 Enterprise Organizations Worldwide

Digital Accessibility Compliance - Data Sheet

Learn more about the key features of Crownpeak's Accessibility and Digital Quality Management solution and why addressing web accessibility is critical for modern businesses, and for ensuring compliance with global regulations including the ADA and EAA.

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Simplify digital accessibility compliance

We make it easy for even the most complex organizations to achieve WCAG and ADA accessibility compliance fast.

  • Save time with our automated scanning and monitoring platform
  • Provide quick protection with AI-based, on-page automatic remediation
  • Solve larger issues with manual testing and expert consulting

Improve your Search Engine Optimization

Ensure every page of every site is optimized to improve your rankings and increase traffic.

Our on-page SEO tool includes checkpoints tailored to ensure your sites stay compliant with your search engine strategy.

Enforce brand and regulatory compliance

Easily monitor for and fix issues that reduce your brand equity or introduce legal risk, such as:

  • Brand guidelines
  • Editorial standards
  • UX/UI standards
  • Localization requirements
  • Privacy and regulatory compliance
  • Multi-lingual spell check and broken links

Integrate with your content workflow

DQM can be incorporated directly into your existing CMS publication workflow, enabling digital marketers to test, repair and optimize their content in both pre- and post-publication environments.

DQM is included with Crownpeak’s enterprise-grade content management system.

Understanding international and state-level data protection requirements is complicated, but Crownpeak already know the answers. Having a solution in place that helps us verify compliance is a big asset in meeting those demands and puts us in a very strong position.

Interactive Manager, Global Manufacturer

See how Crownpeak can empower you to manage quality across your web presence at scale.

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