Headless CMS for a digital experience edge

Create, manage and accelerate the delivery of personalized content to any channel with FirstSpirit’s headless optional architecture, and deliver compelling digital experiences throughout the entire customer journey for better customer engagement.

Why choose a headless CMS?

Decoupled architectures with strict separation between content management (back-end) and delivery (front-end) give you the agility, flexibility and scalability to adjust your digital experience ecosystem as needed. You can use FirstSpirit to manage website content or content for any channel application.

  • Headless CMS, or...
    • Headless CMS’ pull content into the publishing environment or delivery tier (e-commerce platform, portal or application server), or any channel through an API known as content-as-a-service. This approach gives you the flexibility you need to get content where it needs to go, but lacks the ability to control the look and feel of content needed to deliver the digital experiences that customers crave.
  • Headless optional
    • CMS Headless optional CMS' give you all of the benefits offered by the headless approach, plus the ability to manage, personalize and optimize channel-specific content in real time so you can deliver the digital experiences that satisfy customer demands at every stage along the customer journey.

Managing content with the FirstSpirit headless CMS

  • Create and manage multi-channel content—once only—for use everywhere with FirstSpirit’s enterprise content management system using our delivery tier or yours.
  • Analyze, personalize and optimize multi-channel content using FirstSpirit’s AI-powered personalization tools.
  • Deliver synchronized content in milliseconds to any channel (website, mobile, portal, digital sign, email, social network, IoT, etc.) in context and in real time using FirstSpirit Anywhere—our omnichannel marketing solution.