FirstSpirit Experience Accelerator

The most powerful hybrid headless content management system on the market is now available in a cloud-based starter package

Jumpstart your time to experience by up to 75%

Our FirstSpirit Experience Accelerator helps you create content-rich omnichannel experiences with unprecedented speed, leapfrogging CMS project implementation time ahead by up to 75% for faster time to market and accelerated time to revenue.

Focus valuable time launching experiences, not product

FirstSpirit Experience Accelerator shortens implementation time significantly with a ready-to-go progressive web application front-end (PWA) that can be used as a blueprint for custom mobile-first websites and apps. More than a reference implementation, the FirstSpirit Experience Accelerator is a fully maintained product that includes:

Hybrid CMS architecture: A production-ready blueprint for creating dynamic web experiences with ultra-high performance.

Cloud-first stack: The FirstSpirit Experience Accelerator is Cloud-first for high-performance marketing. The stack features built-in CDN capabilities, metrics & monitoring, auto-scaling and auto-provisioning so you minimize risk while ensuring reliable performance and cost efficiency.

Progressive web application front-end (PWA): A ready-to-go model for creating and managing omnichannel experiences based on a microservices architecture.

Development Toolkit and API service framework: Critical to maintaining agility, the Toolkit, with an integrated CI/CD pipeline and use case-based microservices, eliminates time commonly spent on setup, configuration, and infrastructure so developers can start creating value from day one.

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Deliver the digital experiences that compel customers to action at every step of the customer journey and turn your customers into lifelong fans.

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Get the enterprise-class capabilities you expect, right out of the box


Differentiate your company and compel users to action with personalized, content-driven digital experiences.


Preview and edit content in the context of any channel for complete control over the delivery of highly individualized customer experiences at every touchpoint with AI-powered personalization and real-time targeting.


Create the content fragments critical to omnichannel personalization that can be pulled to any channel or web page and reassembled for the perfect digital experience at every touchpoint without IT involvement


Effortlessly orchestrate and manage the performance of omnichannel campaigns from one central location.


Gain insights into visitor behavior using real-time, AI-powered analytics and view content-relevant KPIs from one central location, making it simple to orchestrate intelligence-driven campaigns across sites, languages, and channels for high impact results.


Maintain digital assets across sites, touchpoints, brands or regions and ensure a single source of truth for content that boosts efficiency and enables the highest compliance standards. This is a particularly valuable capability in today’s more complex, multi-channel world.

The power of hybrid content management

The FirstSpirit hybrid CMS is the next generation of a headless CMS and includes headless and decoupled capabilities. It offers significant opportunities for companies to deliver more inspiring, content-driven experiences to their B2B and B2C customers. No longer must developers, marketers and other digital experience professionals be beholden to the monolithic, traditional CMS or pure-play headless CMSs which lack scalability and/or ease of use for business teams. The result is the ability to create and deliver the ideal connected digital experience for each individual customer in the right context and at the right time and place to drive engagement and revenue.

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