Responsive Web design with FirstSpirit

Complex websites with barely visible text and links that don’t work properly on smartphones aren’t going to earn many repeat visits. Don’t let this happen to you: FirstSpirit makes it easy to adopt responsive design techniques so your visitors have a pleasant experience no matter their device of choice.

Make mobile content “retina ready” in the blink of an eye

The digital world’s become a smaller place. More precisely, it’s the size of smartphone and tablet screens. An ever-growing number of Internet users pull out their mobile devices to find, buy, communicate and even work. FirstSpirit can help you make sure your website works well in those hands with responsive Web design that makes it fast and easy to:

  • Create attractive content for websites, email marketing and cross channel campaigns.
  • Manage and control the optimal display of your content reliably and effectively on all channels and on every device.

Create "intelligent" websites easily with FirstSpirit

Responsive Web design (RWD) allows you to build websites that automatically adjust to any mobile device, be it a smartphone, iPad or any brand of device or tablet. An RWD website discerns the device requirements and automatically loads the correct layout and resolution with customized fonts and images that are “retina-ready”. With FirstSpirit’s integrated preview, you can easily make adjustments to get the very best display on the wide array of screen sizes out there.

Mobile first – less is much more

By thinking “mobile first” in website design, you win in two ways. The smaller screens mean less space for text and navigation elements, so only the essential messages fit—a plus for any website. And if you use RWD, you can optimize the quality of all your Web content, from the hyperlinks embedded in an email, a newsletter, single landing pages to online store sites and complete websites.

  • Flawless display of all content for winning marketing campaigns
  • Easily create and publish attractive content
  • Optimize your content for any smartphone or mobile device

  • Control the display of all content on any device
  • Automatically customize navigation elements, layouts and images
  • Guarantee superb performance and usability on your website

If you‘re interested in mobilizing your online products and services reliably and quickly, then contact us today!

Make it mobile with FirstSpirit

FirstSpirit content management system can make creating or adapting websites and apps for mobile devices easy and cost-effective. Just as your mobile audiences are always on the move, you need a CMS that keeps pace.

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FirstSpirit is easy to use and can be scaled in any way with regard to the number of projects and output channels. With this system, we are now perfectly positioned to meet our current and future needs.

Vera Münch, Manager Corporate Communications, GETRAG