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Create, manage and accelerate the delivery of personalized content to any channel with FirstSpirit’s API-driven headless, hybrid and head-optional architecture, and deliver compelling digital experiences throughout the entire customer journey that increase engagement and turn customers into lifelong fans.

Agility enabled by the FirstSpirit hybrid (headless+) CMS

  • Create and manage multi-channel content—once only—for use everywhere with FirstSpirit’s content management system using our delivery tier or yours, or any front-end channel or device.
  • Unleash the power of frontend developers to create the most inspiring experiences using the latest devices and programming languages such as React and Angular. (e.g., for Progressive Web Applications (PWAs))
  • Empower non-technical teams to preview AND edit content in-context with our Omnichannel Manager including an on demand UI for any channel or front-end.
  • Analyze, personalize and optimize multi-channel content using FirstSpirit’s AI-powered personalization SaaS.
  • Deliver synchronized content in milliseconds to any channel (website, mobile, portal, digital sign, email, social network, IoT, etc.) in context and in real time using FirstSpirit Anywhere—our omnichannel marketing solution.

The implementation of the two microsites in FirstSpirit is of particular importance to us. This content management system offers a headless architecture and enables all content to be made available via a Content-as-a-Service (CaaS) interface via the cloud simply, quickly and flexibly - no matter where it is needed and completely independent of applications, formats or layouts. Even the integration of AI concepts is possible. For us, this is the content management of the future.

Eric Meurers, CEO of Interlutions GmbH (Nintendo)

Why choose the FirstSpirit Hybrid and Headless CMS?

You no longer need to be limited by a monolithic CMS or the lack of scalability of a pure-play headless CMS. FirstSpirit's hybrid CMS combines the power of an enterprise-class CMS with the agility and flexibility of a headless CMS. Our hybrid model delivers the best out of all integration approaches resulting in a truly agile CMS.

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Headless CMS or hybrid CMS...the choice is yours.

Headless CMS - pure content, but...

With a Headless CMS, any content can be retrieved via an interface (REST-API) regardless of format and integrated into apps, e-commerce shops, IoT devices, portals and websites. This approach, also known as Content-as-a-Service, gives you the flexibility you need to deliver content to any desired channel. But it doesn't give you the ability to control the look and feel of the content needed to deliver the digital experience you need to engage customers. This is where FirstSpirit comes in.


FirstSpirit's flexible content architecture enables its use as a traditional CMS (integrated front-end and back-end), decoupled CMS and/or headless CMS, whichever is needed today or in the future, for our customers. This capability to support any type of situation in parallel, sets us apart from our CMS competitors - combining the power of deep integration (e.g., withSalesforce Commerce Cloud, SAP Commerce Cloud, Spryker), along with the agility of headless deployments. This translates into greater flexibility for your IT-team, and faster time to market for your marketing team to deliver inspiring digital experiences that drive action.

Read more about FirstSpirit Hybrid CMS in our whitepaper

We are satisfied with FirstSpirit's ability to deliver inspiring experiences to our customers. What's been of greatest value to us is FirstSpirit's high level of usage, flexibility and agility to meet future needs.

Sabine Stadelmann, Digital Marketing Communications for Julius Blum GmbH

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