Is a Hybrid CMS the Right Solution for You?

With more than 100+ CMS vendors enabling websites, it’s important to clarify your specific requirements from a content management system.

Look further into FirstSpirit Hybrid CMS if you are:


A mid-to-large company that wants to grow and is looking for technologies that grow with it


Addressing of complex technology and organizational needs (e.g., digital ecosystems requiring integration across many systems)


Operating a highly unique digital presence from a design, experience and/or operational perspective.


Looking to support for multiple channels beyond traditional websites. (e.g., mobile, mobile applications, tablets, digital signs, kiosks, social media, marketing automation systems, voice activated systems, smart watches, virtual reality devices)


Operating an online presence in different countries and/or require support of multiple languages.


Updating of website(s) and other digital channels on a regular basis or collaborating across functions, countries and/or business units for creation and delivery of content.

Asking the Right Questions

If you are evaluating a replacement CMS or have already decided to upgrade to a new CMS, your choices are plentiful. The big question is how to go about evaluating and selecting which vendor to use? Our RFP template provides a base set of 100+ questions that help you:

- How to select a short-list of CMS vendors that are best suited for your company’s needs, both today and in the future

- Steps and best practices for creating and executing an RFP process

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Deep dive with a Demo

Dive deeper into the capabilities of a Hybrid CMS with a demo and see for yourself, if a Hybrid CMS is the right choice for you.

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