Legendary interoperability for a digital experience edge

The FirstSpirit DXP was designed for interoperability from day one. It has a core set of solutions comprising of a CMS, AI-powered personalization, and the ability to enable omnichannel content management and delivery, built on an open platform. This open platform helps you rapidly integrate the FirstSpirit DXP with any tool or application so you can capitalize on changing customer expectations, and deliver digital experiences that give you a competitive advantage—a Digital Experience Edge.

A platform to support your unique business strategy

Customer experiences are only as good as the technology that enables them. A true digital experience platform, FirstSpirit supports your unique business strategy by allowing you to pick and choose complimentary applications that meet your exact business requirements today, and at any point in the future. That’s how you get a digital experience edge.

  • Start with the basics of an industry-leading DXP and add technology as you grow.
  • Build a unique digital technology ecosystem by adding new applications to the FirstSpirit DXP to meet your business requirements and outperform your competition.
  • Pay only for what you need (unlike all-in-one suites).
  • Quickly swap out applications as better ones emerge and/or your requirements change, without having to replace your DXP.

The modular nature of the platform gave us the flexibility we needed to build a best-of-breed DX platform that greatly reduces development time while accelerating time to value.

Carlos Carvalho, Global Head of Websites for GROHE

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Embrace the diversity of products and tools

FirstSpirit was designed to be integrated with any marketing product or tool available—and there are thousands. But interoperability is moot without data. FirstSpirit balances interoperability requirements with robust multi-directional data exchange so you can embrace innovation and add tools to your ecosystem with greater agility, and without the data integration headaches of old.

  • Easily embed any content or metadata from FirstSpirit with other applications.
  • Render any desired output format: HTML, XML, PDR, etc.
  • Pull content from our microservice API and use it within any 3rd party application, framework or IoT device.
  • Tap into any content source—e-commerce, MAM, DAM, video platform—using our powerful integration API.

Break down data silos

Breaking down silos is mission critical for digital success. Data is gold but many organizations struggle with lifting its true potential. FirstSpirit’s Intelligent Content Engine unifies disconnected data silos from any internal or external source so you can harness it to your advantage to enable personalized digital experiences.

  • Combine and unify data into an easily accessible, user-centric database.
  • Transform complex data into actionable insights.
  • Build advanced profiles to deliver personalized experiences.
  • Share audiences across sites and devices for cohesive and synchronized experiences.

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