Best-of-breed solutions for your online strategies

Apart from the comprehensive out-of-the-box functionalities e-Spirit also integrates innovative developments into the modular structured FirstSpirit solution - either own add-ons or developments of technology partners.

These certified modules (product extensions) as well as the project solutions developed by our partners for re-use in other contexts can be integrated smoothly in Web projects – in the shortest possible time.

Together with our partners we are continuously developing modules with intelligent functionalities in order to keep on providing a leading high-end content management system that meets the highest demands of our clients.

Find your perfect solution here:

CELUM FirstSpirit Connector


Access all media assets directly in your CMS.

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DAM-Connect for Cumulus

The integration of digital asset management system Cumulus with the UX- and content-publishing strength of FirstSpirit™ enables faster and easier maintenance in multiple channels.

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Deployment Automation

With the help of the new Deployment Automation module, many of the time consuming deployment steps of First Spirit are fully automated.

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This search solution based on the Apache Solr search engine allows for dedicated content to be kept current in the search index without the need for additional action from editors and administrators.

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IBM Connections Integration

With our Connections Integration module you can easily publish your content created in FirstSpirit to IBM Connections. Combine first class CMS functionality with a powerful collaboration solution.

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inAPP Push Notification Manager

Use the in|APP Push Notification Manager to conduct location-based push notification campaigns in a more flexible, faster, innovative way ‒ all of which is integrated in FirstSpirit™.

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PIM Connector for Informatica PIM

Acando PIM Connector for Informatica PIM integrates the FirstSpirit CMS and the Product Information Management System from Informatica and guarantees a continuous Customer Experience.

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Search for FirstSpirit

Our module extends FirstSpirit with a powerful, high-performance and scalable search function based on Apache Solr that can be easily integrated into your projects.

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Semantic Auto Tagger

Optimize your editorial processes with automatic tagging and improve the customer experience of your website.

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Siteimprove-Integration for FirstSpirit

The Siteimprove plugin for FirstSpirit developed by Intentive integrates the Siteimprove Platform into the content creation process of the FirstSpirit CMS

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UDG smartHybridApp

The UDG smartHybridApp is a unique solution for developing and maintaining apps via the FirstSpirit content management system. CMS editors can structure app content through CMS templates.

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UDG smartResponsiveWebdesign

The UDG smartRWD is a unique template set for the FirstSpirit CMS, which makes multi-device website implementation quick and easy.

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Workflow Framework

The Workflow Framework supplies a generic set of workflows and deployment functions, for a uncomplicated solution that satisfies the standard demands involved with approving and publishing changes.

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