ContentConnect for Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Certified enterprise solution that helps companies monetize their content

FirstSpirit CMS, which supports a best-of-breed approach, offers certified out-of-the-box integration with Commerce Cloud coupled with the ability to quickly and easily integrate with virtually any other system or cloud-based service. By integrating these systems, you can address a broad range of target groups more consistently and efficiently at all touchpoints.

Content can be created, re-used and published across multiple channels, brands, languages and sites using intuitive, time-saving processes. The flexible integration, editing and output options in FirstSpirit make it easier than ever before for employees in marketing, PR and functional departments to contribute high-quality and topical content to e-commerce websites.

Integration capabilities and benefits include:

  • Combine highly visual marketing content with products information seamlessly using a WYSIWYG tool
  • Easily create personalized content for your defined customer groups, campaign periods
  • Fully integrated multi-perspective live preview to control/optimize content and responsive storefront designs
  • Reuse content, templates, product information and media assets within and across Commerce Cloud sites using drag & drop
  • Full-featured media asset management with built-in editing tools
  • Multi-site management and translation support for global brands
  • Jump-Starter-Solution including a SiteGenesis Reference Integration
  • Full support of the latest Content Management Integration API
  • Create 100% native content assets, slot configurations and velocity templates through user-friendly, intuitive WYSIWYG editing interfaces