The solution for great success

CorporateContent enables dedicated content areas to be grouped together in a master project and made available to other projects in the form of a subscription. At the same time, dependencies on media and references to other pages are automatically resolved, so that a "package" tied together in this way is self-contained and can be integrated without problems in the existing structures by the target project. This means it is no longer necessary to manually copy content and templates, which not only reduces the amount of editorial and administrative work necessary, but also the susceptibility of such a process to errors.

Possible application scenarios

  • implementation of a cross-site, uniform corporate design,
  • central management of content used in several projects,
  • reusability of applications for product or microsites,
  • creating development environments,
  • joint use of project content on the internet / extranet and intranet, and much more.


The advantages of using this form of "package management" are diverse. The editors, who have the greatest insight and know-how, are always responsible for their individual inter-related topics, across all sites. Quality management and content control are centralized can be achieved with a fraction of the effort required in a classic decentralized structure.

You have full control of your national sites' content, without incapacitating the local senior IT representatives. The perfected subscription mechanism of CorporateContent allows individual utilisation of the supplied information. For example, depending on the setting, the responsible editor has the option of subscribing to partial content of packages only in the target project, to edit the subscribed content and to enhance it with their own content. In addition, the subscriptions can be linked with workflows, which enables controlled release of the subscribed to content, including cross-project release.

The CorporateContent module provides a far-reaching monitoring options for the project administrator. With each subscription run, detailed log files are created, from which it can be explicitly seen which changes have been made to the target project. Changes to the website therefore become transparent and traceable.

Team player

Use of CorporateContent is even recommended in small scenarios with two or more similar projects. Package management brings to bear its full strength especially when combined with CorporateMedia.