The Challenge

Many companies today have not just one website, but own several distinct domains.This is most often the case with websites for different countries, product and brand pages, or sites of individual subsidiaries. Even smaller companies usually have an intranet in addition to their internet.

Different content is published to each website, yet some information is common and presented on various sites. Press releases for a public company, for example, are relevant for all country pages, while individual news items may only be of interest for some websites.

Other content and documents that must be distributed to multiple websites include fixed dates, events, contact information, and downloadable product data sheets. Editors must decide which information should be displayed on each site.

Manually maintaining this content in various websites costs editors extra time and is also prone to human error. In addition, managers must be continually informed about updates and changes. Texts must be translated into local languages. Implementing these processes with custom technical developments is not always easy, and in more complex IT landscapes, the time and effort involved can quickly skyrocket.

The Solution

Automation of the processes described above can considerably reduce the number of necessary steps. This saves time, ensures a correct implementation and reduces high costs. The CorporateDatabase module developed by ARITHNEA delivers this automation. It enables all users of the FirstSpirit content management system to quickly and efficiently distribute content from one FirstSpirit database to other FirstSpirit website projects.

Content elements can be individually selected and distributed only to the projects where they are needed. An editor needs only a few mouse clicks. Documents and media which are linked from the content can also be transferred.

Individual data records or even entire database tables can be copied. Content can be transmitted automatically at regular time intervals.

FirstSpirit contains an overview component that can be displayed for each data record within a project. It shows the editor into which projects a particular record was distributed and if that record was edited elsewhere.

Installation and integration

The number of languages available on the websites may well differ. CorporateDatabase recognizes the language of the distributed content and compares it to the target system. Only the information in the same language is updated.

CorporateDatabase can be installed quickly and can be configured via a graphical interface to meet individual needs. Specific content can be marked for or hidden from distribution. Website projects permissions can be set to accept content only from specific other projects.

Users can be informed by email when content is distributed to websites for which they are responsible.

CorporateDatabase thus offers a convenient and flexible solution that can be easily integrated into the CMS landscape, saving much time and effort.


  • Easy integration of CorporateContent
  • Simple distribution of table content
  • Flexible concept for master-clients
  • Easy integration in the CMS landscape
  • Quick installation
  • Comfortable handling