Central media store in multi-project scenarios

The central management of media, which is already an important standard feature of the architecture within a FirstSpiritâ„¢ project, is required across projects in some scenarios - for example, in the design of international websites or separate Internet/Intranet sites.

In order to satisfy this requirement as flexibly as possible, the FirstSpirit CorporateMedia module provides appropriate options for individual interfacing even large quantities of data such as graphics, videos and documents, across project boundaries.

Benefits of CorporateMedia

  • No additional storage requirement for media used across projects.
  • Central updating and management of all media.
  • Shorter generation times in the linked projects.

Inter-project referencing of global media avoids redundant data management. The corporate "remote medium" therefore physically exists in a central project only, which produces a very clear advantage with respect to the storage space required - both on the FirstSpirit server and on the web servers of the productive system. The media are merely referenced here and not copied.

The scenario

In a central FirstSpirit project (A), all media which is to be made available across projects is stored in a structured way in the local Media Store. In order to now access this media from other projects (B and C), they are connected with the central project (A).

In addition to their local media, the editor can now also select and reference objects from the central pool. In addition, they could even be authorized to upload their own media into the pool.

A flexible configuration enables that each of the editor's options can be individually defined for each input component. For example, it would be feasible to make the corporate media pool only available for selection in one specific picture selection component, while elsewhere in the templates both local and central media can be accessed.

Should the requirement exist, a local media store could even be completely dispensed with (project C).

Application examples

  • Global picture material
  • Video database (MPEG, AVI, FLV)
  • Library (PDF, Word documents)

Use of FirstSpirit CorporateContent, with which cross-project distribution of content, media and structures provides all the necessary leeway for complex multi-project scenarios is also interesting in the context of the advantages of central data management described here.