DAM-Connect for Cumulus

More Convenience and Time-Savings in Publishing Media Assets on the Web

Integrating FirstSpirit with the digital asset management system (DAM) Cumulus from Canto makes it easier for online editors to maintain and publish central media content throughout the range of a company’s communications and marketing channels. With the seamless integration of these two best-of-breed solutions through a standard interface, content manager can easily drag and drop photos or videos from Canto's Cumulus to their websites and digital marketing channels. Users can see all available media including metadata, image licenses and copyrights that are managed in the DAM. Digital assets are automatically provided in the current version and a Web-friendly format. At the same time, editors benefit from the editorial workflows and the usability of the CMS for managing multiple digital channels. The process of creating websites, blogs, online stores, portals, social media and print products is optimized and developing a uniform customer experience is made easier.

Application examples:

  • Single sign-on: Bundles all editorial work through a central user interface in the CMS; no need to manually switch between two systems, no need to manage and maintain the same data and content twice.
  • Easy to publish optimized files in websites, online stores, portals and other preferred online and offline channels through drag and drop.
  • Referencing assets: Centralized data management (including metadata) ensures that the most up-to-date version of images, videos, infographics, PDFs and other documents are always used.
  • The CMS search and filter functions help users to select the media files.
  • Targeting and localization: Automated time periods for images, such as those used in seasonal campaigns, can be assigned to different regional and language websites or personalized for various target audiences.

DAM-Connect for Cumulus offers the following benefits:

  • More convenience in maintaining and publishing digital assets in the most varied communication channels
  • Faster time to market due to time-saving editorial processes
  • Creation of consistent customer experiences through uniform media and content base
  • Automated assurance as to the timeliness of published media
  • Compliance: Comprehensive versioning and central overview of all content, licenses and rights management