Flexible back-up strategies for special demands

FirstSpiritâ„¢ is often used in critical corporate areas. The data stored in the content management system therefore represents a high value. Reliable backup of this information is indispensable. EnterpriseBackup is the reliable tool for your needs.

Versioning and historization for compliance and restorability

FirstSpirit saves all changes to the project in a version history. Therefore, changes can be traced and old versions can be restored with just klick. This function sets special requirements for the backup, as the data volume constantly increases. 'Normal backup' by means of export/import is therefore no longer adequate for large projects and projects critical for business. The EnterpriseBackup module with its flexible and fine granular backup strategies was developed to satisfy these increased requirements.

Advantages and functions

Convenient data backup wizard

The data backup wizard makes it easy to make backups of individual projects or the whole FirstSpirit server. Clear dialogues assist you with choosing the optimum type of backup.

You would like to restore a backup? The data backup wizard helps you here too. Simply select the required restore data and the wizard does the rest.

Flexible backup strategies

As the size of your projects increases, the backup requirements increase too. With the EnterpriseBackup module you can model an efficient backup strategy, precisely tailored to your needs.

Backup types

  • Snapshot backup
  • Differential backup
  • Incremental backup

Regular backups

  • Definition via schedule management
  • By combining the different backup types, an optimized scenario can be defined for the application case.

Cluster support

If you operate a FirstSpirit cluster, you can swap out the backup to a cluster node. This means regular editing operations are not affected.

Typical backup scenarios

In practice, the module is used, among other things, for the following scenarios:

Regular data backup

A daily, complete backup is often no longer sufficient for large projects. Many man-hours of work would be lost by restoring a 24 hour old backup. More frequent backups are necessary in such "active" projects:

  • One snapshot backup (complete backup) each week
  • Three incremental backups daily (in the morning/at midday/in the evening)
  • Daily differential backup (at night)

Backups which are no longer required are deleted in order to keep the data volume as small as possible.

Resetting a project

Something has gone wrong? Then you can reset a complete project to a point in time in the past. All changes between the present time and the time in the past are therefore undone. In this way, even extensive changes can be easily and conveniently discarded.

Reducing the project size

FirstSpirit never forgets. Each change in the CMS is stored in a version history and can be undone if necessary. Doubtlessly a useful function, however the data volume of the projects therefore steadily increases, even if you delete content.

Just like the core archiving function, the EnterpriseBackup module can help you to bring things up to date.


You would like to remove all changes from the version history which are older than six months. The procedure:

  • Create a snapshot with a defined point in time "Now minus six months". This process can take some time to complete.
  • Creation of a differential backup, in order to also back up all changes made in the meantime.
  • An incremental backup is necessary if further changes were made to the project during the differential backup. No changes whatsoever may be made to the project during this process. However, due to the short runtime of this type of backup, this can mostly be performed without problems within a short servicing slot.