Balance peak loads to provide high-performance access for all editors

Within the Enterprise Content Management (ECM) environment, good scalability of the platform for central management and maintenance of the content is an essential criterion for sustainable operation of a CMS. CMS's steadily growing field of use makes its growth at the same time indispensable. For this reason, FirstSpirit provides the opportunity for operations involving intensive calculations to be performed within the cluster.

FirstSpirit enables services involving intensive calculations, such as preview generation or the generation of content to be swapped out to so-called generation servers for seamless scaling in large, growing content management structures. As additional cluster nodes, these servers relieve the central FirstSpirit master server and coordinate operations involving intensive calculations. In this powerful architecture, content can be consistently managed and parallel generation of extensive databases can be performed from several projects – without slumps in performance for the editors.

Within the generation cluster, the generation actions of a schedule are assigned to individual cluster nodes. Actions which can be performed in parallel can therefore be distributed over several generation nodes. Distribution of the generation actions to the cluster nodes takes place automatically.

Monitor the capacity

Cluster mode is conveniently configured under using the client for server and project configuration of the master server. An overview of the existing cluster nodes including a display of their current capacity utilisation can be opened in this server monitor.