Running the FirstSpirit Server in High Availability Environments

Through the high availability support, the module provides support for monitoring and failure safety on the FirstSpirit server. The idea behind this is that a commercial high availability solution, such as for example Veritas Cluster Service, provides an environment which monitors the FirstSpirit server and makes sure that in case of a software or hardware failure the FirstSpirit server starts on another computer. The cluster service detects that a server or a service has failed and triggers the restart of the service on the standby system.

FirstSpirit HighAvailability offers the following functionalities:

  • Mechanisms for software-based starting and stopping the FirstSpirit server.
  • Mechanisms that check whether the FirstSpirit server is running and is currently in an active status.
  • Status storage exclusively on disk and/or database while also making sure that the FirstSpirit server restarts after a failure.
  • Configuration isolation