Monday Webforms

Designing and automating efficient digital interactions

As users rapidly become more demanding, simple, device-neutral handling for even complex registration application or service processes is becoming the cornerstone of a modern web presence. Webforms keeps form design flexible while ensuring the efficient processing of the form data submitted. With just a few clicks and no programming knowledge, you can expand your websites to include professional online forms. Webforms comes with predefined actions for automating and optimizing your business processes while offering plenty of room for customization.

Webforms Analytics is a powerful tool for form data visualization and analysis: it lets you filter, sort and monitor all of your form data. Comprehensive metrics offer insights into user behavior.

Integrate forms quickly and simplify ongoing customer communication

Form authors create, edit, and publish forms without leaving their familiar FirstSpirit editing interface. Supplementing standard kinds of form fields, features such as rule-based conditions or individual data validation options for user input are also available.

To drive end-to-end process digitalization, additional actions can be defined, such as the automated processing of the form data submitted. Monday Webforms integrates smoothly with third-party and existing enterprise applications and can use external data sources to prefill form fields.


  • Seamless integration with the FirstSpirit CMS
  • Creation of complex forms without programming knowledge
  • Minimal training effort, thanks to an intuitive approach to usability
  • Easy customization options reduce your time-to-market
  • Forms in your corporate design with FirstSpirit templates
  • Field validations ensure high-quality data
  • Flexible workflow definitions for the efficient processing of submitted form data
  • Personalized field presets and dynamic dropdown lists/checkboxes maximize user-friendliness
  • Flexible integration with other enterprise applications and external data sources
  • High level of security: protection against cross-site scripting (XSS) and cross-site request forgery (XSRF)