Formcentric Webforms


The Formcentric form manager (formerly: Webforms form manager) is made by Formcentric GmbH, a wholly owned subsidiary of Monday Consulting GmbH. Formcentric offers a wide range of features that help you to digitalise and analyse your business processes. Forms created by Formcentric are very easy to integrate with your existing system. Formcentric is developed in Germany and has ISO 27001 certification.

You open the redesigned Formcentric Editor from within the FirstSpirit ContentCreator. The Editor itself offers an appealing, contemporary and intuitive user interface as well as many small improvements that help you to create your forms. Useful prompts guide you through all of the steps needed, while features like real-time validation or dynamic forms really help to accelerate your day-to-day work. All of the forms you create or use are stored as content in FirstSpirit, and can be edited and managed there just like any other piece of content. Our form builder can also be extended easily – and independently of your FirstSpirit system. This lets you benefit from greater update reliability and stable release cycles.


Our form manager can deliver forms either as an HTML template or data-driven using a REST API – because Formcentric integrates a headless server. This makes it easy to integrate Formcentric for FirstSpirit into a service-oriented architecture (SOA) and quickly modify it to suit changing requirements. Make use of the free Community Edition for simple forms, the Standard Edition for creating more complex workflows or the Advanced Edition with Formcentric Analytics to ensure the continuous optimisation of your customer experience.

Formcentric for FirstSpirit Community Edition

The Formcentric Community Edition is a quick and user-friendly option for creating simple input pages like contact forms and newsletter subscription forms, and embedding these into your website. The free Community Edition offers your editorial team an intuitive user interface using the look-and-feel of the standard editing screen, and contains all of the functions that you need for embedding your single-page forms. An upgrade to another version is possible at any time.

Formcentric for FirstSpirit Standard Edition

The Standard Edition of Formcentric for FirstSpirit takes your customer communication to the next level. Extend your web presence to include multi-page HTML forms, so as to create product finders, for example, or help your visitors complete complex workflows. Use conditions and rules to guide your customers even more effectively to their destination, and to automate your services and generate productive leads.

Formcentric for FirstSpirit Advanced Edition:

Alongside a fully featured form manager, the Advanced Edition also offers you a powerful tool for visualising and analysing your form data: Formcentric Analytics.

Systematic data analysis is the key to successful customer retention. Apply detailed filters to your datasets to learn more about user input and behaviour, and utilise these insights to optimise the corresponding forms. Formcentric for FirstSpirit provides you with a rich set of filter options to achieve these goals.

Analysis data can be stored either in the cloud or on-prem.

Key functions that make Formcentric for FirstSpirit the right choice for your project:

  • Secure development and data storage in Germany, plus information security certification to ISO 27001
  • Digitalise business processes and analyse customer data in real time
  • Forms are stored as content in the Content Creator
  • Greater update security and stable release cycles, since Formcentric is decoupled from FirstSpirit releases
  • Editor with a modern, intuitive user interface
  • Helpdesk/Support Team provides quick answers to your queries