Monday Webforms

Monday Webforms form management offers you a fast track to creating a unique customer experience that establishes a digital direct line to your clients. From FirstSpirit SiteArchitect to FS ContentCreator and the e-Spirit Cloud, Monday Webforms integrates seamlessly into your existing system. Letting you extend your web presence to include professional HTML forms that blend effortlessly with your design. Webforms Analytics helps you to dig deep into your data— allowing you to rapidly identify and exploit potential for optimisation.

The form manager lets you create forms quickly and simply in your familiar editing interface. Use the free Community Edition for simple forms, the Standard Edition for creating more complex workflows or the Advanced Edition with Webforms Analytics to ensure the continuous optimisation of your customer experience.

Monday Webforms Community Edition

Monday Webforms Community Edition is a quick and user-friendly way to create simple input pages like contact forms and newsletter subscriptions, and integrate these easily into your website. The free Community Edition offers your editors an intuitive interface with the look-and-feel of the standard editing screen and includes all of the functions that are essential for embedding one-page forms. An upgrade to another version is possible at any time.

Monday Webforms Standard Edition

The Standard Edition of Monday Webforms takes your customer communications to the next level. Extend your web presence with multi-page HTML forms in order to create product finders or help visitors through complex workflows. By applying conditions and rules, it’s never been easier to guide your customers successfully to their intended goal. You can also use submit actions to set up options for automated customer communication.

Monday Webforms Advanced Edition

As well as a fully featured form manager, Monday Webforms Advanced Edition also provides you with a powerful tool for form data visualisation and analysis: Webforms Analytics. Systematic data analysis is the key to successful customer retention. A choice of reports helps you target form optimisation to where it’s most needed—for that one-of-a-kind customer experience.

Why Monday Webforms is the right choice for your project:

  • Easy to learn
  • Straightforward to use
  • Wide range of features
  • Secure processing of form data
  • Targeted optimisation