Simple addition of Microsoft Word content in FirstSpirit

When creating a website article or a newsletter, online content editors often rely on using text passages in Microsoft Word documents. In most cases these have been individually formatted and contain additional elements such as tables or links. To enable simple and quick addition of these document-specific formats and information in FirstSpirit, e-Spirit offers the OfficeConnect module. The convenient solution relieves content editors of the repeated, time-consuming formatting of texts, reproduction of links, and subsequent uploading of attached graphics.

With FirstSpirit OfficeConnect content editors can easily transfer text passages from Microsoft Word, or entire documents directly into FirstSpirit where they can continue working on them. Here formats, paragraph breaks, graphics, links, and tables can be added, in addition to text. Existing formats and graphics that are in use are automatically analyzed and reproduced in the supported formats in the CMS. Graphics that are integrated are also automatically uploaded and stored in the FirstSpirit media management feature.

The OfficeConnect module allows the import of the following information from Microsoft Word documents:

  • Continuous text
  • Character formats (bold, cursive, underlined, and combinations)
  • Paragraph formats (e.g. headings)
  • Paragraph brakes and "soft" line breaks
  • Lists (with numbers or symbols)
  • Graphics
  • Links
  • Tables (including merge, cell color, cell alignment, and cell format)

Use scenarios:

  • Addition of paragraphs or entire documents from Microsoft Word in FirstSpirit using Copy & Paste
  • Reproduction of formats from Word in the supported formats in the CMS project
  • Automatic uploading of integrated graphics to the media management feature