PIM Connector for Informatica PIM

Acando PIM Connector for Informatica PIM integrates the FirstSpirit CMS and the Product Information Management System from Informatica (formerly Heiler) and guarantees a continuous Customer Experience. It directly submits product data to all marketing channels available (web, mobile, POS, print). You avoid maintaining redundant data and all product data updates have immediate effect on all platforms.

Successful Multi-Channel Product Marketing

Today, customers expect relevant, current, and consistent information across all channels – on their computers, tablets, smartphones, in print, and wherever they happen to be themselves. Multi-channel means displaying product information that is optimized for the target group in question through the FirstSpirit content platform in order to achieve an optimal user experience and ensure your business model can be implemented on each channel. The content is prepared specifically for each channel from a central platform, so that it can be used for Web sites, apps, and printing templates.

The PIM Connector from Acando creates a direct link between the FirstSpirit CMS and the product information system from Informatica (formerly Heiler). You can:

  • Plan campaigns centrally based on your valuable product data and launch them across all channels
  • Enhance product information with content and generate additional information
  • Make changes to product information available quickly and consistently

Multi-Channel Publishing for All Touch Points

As an add-on to FirstSpirit, the PIM connector makes product data from Informatica Enterprise PIM accessible via the REST interface. The CMS editor can search conveniently in the database and create references to products. The product information is then available in the preview and for display online. When displayed, the current data is automatically read by PIM; no further manual steps are necessary.

Depending on the requirements, the data can be generated directly from Informatica PIM, displayed via the online repository UX-Bridge, or be combined with other data on its own platform. As a content platform, FirstSpirit manages the layout in all scenarios and enhances pure product information with marketing content.


  • Optimal support for your multi-device strategy
  • Consistent product information on all touch points
  • Efficient display via dedicated platforms
  • Clear division of work between marketing and product management departments
  • Redundancy-free maintenance through central product database
  • Reduced costs through low maintenance costs with higher-quality data and efficient distribution

Examples of Application

  • Multi-channel product marketing
  • Distribution of product data to Web sites and mobile apps
  • Automated generation of printed catalogs


  • AppCenter plug-in for convenient searching directly in Informatica PIM from FirstSpirit
  • Preview function with real product data from Informatica PIM
  • Display of current product data at time of generation
  • Runtime can be updated if necessary
  • Technical connection compatible with current infrastructure requirements through the use of standard technology