Easy media data management via FirstSpirit

Pixelboxx is one of the leading enterprise DAM systems and is used next to the content management system FirstSpirit by many companies. With its considerable functions for asset management and the support of different production processes for diverse communication channels, Pixelboxx enables the management of all existing assets of a company in a central system. FirstSpirit is also meant to manage content for different output channels centrally. In this context it is useful to create an interface that connects both systems. With Pixelboxx Connect we enable a smooth integration of Pixelboxx functions in FirstSpirit.

Advantages of the module

The Pixelboxx Connect module creates bi-directional connections between FirstSpirit and Pixelboxx using the UX-Bridge and AppCenter functions. The AppCenter integration allows Pixelboxx functions to be accessed from the FirstSpirit client and makes Pixelboxx’s asset management functions available directly using a single sign-on. The AppCenter integration also allows editors to reference assets easily in FirstSpirit. A proxy object approach is used to create a media object in the media management system. It can be used by FirstSpirit in the same way as all other media objects. The bi-directional connection between the systems allows all events that cause changes in both systems, such as edits, deletions, changes to metadata or licences, to be automatically synchronised via UX-Bridge. The use of media in Pixelboxx is recorded using utilisation reports and taken into account in editing processes.

The Pixelboxx Connect solution also offers a number of functions that guarantee the automatic provision of media in content deployments. In the case of images, that includes automatic scaling using Pixelboxx. Pixelboxx’s live-side delivery components can also be used if required, which means media no longer need to be taken into account in content deployment. That drastically reduces the use of resources (data storage and CPU), which simplifies and speeds up deployment processes.

Functional overview

  • AppCenter integration
  • Uploading media to Pixelboxx
  • Generation and deployment of media
  • Deleting media in Pixelboxx
  • Licence events
  • Configurable mapping of roles, groups and meta data
  • Updating media with changes in Pixelboxx and FirstSpirit