Provide high-performance access for all editors

Within the Enterprise Content Management (ECM) environment, good scalability of the platform for central management and maintenance of the content is an essential criterion for sustainable operation of a CMS. CMS's steadily growing field of use makes it indispensable for it to grow too. For this reason, FirstSpiritâ„¢ provides the opportunity for operations involving intensive calculations to be performed within a cluster.

For seamless scaling in large, growing CM structures, FirstSpiritâ„¢ enables services such as the preview generation, the WYSIWYG editor (ContentCreator) and even WebMonitor to be swapped out to so-called cluster nodes. These nodes relieve the central FirstSpirit master server of operations involving intensive calculations and are coordinated by it. This powerful architecture provides consistent content management with the option to handle a huge amount of concurrent editors on one system.

Within the preview cluster, the WYSIWYG editor and the preview calculation are assigned to the individual preview servers via an upstream load balancer. The editors can therefore be distributed over several preview servers and the FirstSpirit master server is relieved of the preview calculation and execution of the ContentCreator.

This load distribution approach in the FirstSpirit cluster can be excellently combined with the generation server. In this case, the FirstSpirit master server only coordinates the repository and the linked cluster nodes.