RealtimeTargeting On-Premise

With FirstSpirit's RealtimeTargeting On-Premise module and Universal Messenger, you now have a website personalization solution that gives you everything you need to create and publish custom-tailored content to specific target groups. Thanks to the Universal Messenger's seamless integration with FirstSpirit, you can create content in the familiar environment of your own CMS.

Real-time click tracking, evaluation, and target group segmentation is handled by the Universal Messenger. Since all system components are installed locally, you retain complete control over sensitive customer information at all times. And what's more, you can use that information with the precision required to personalize your customer interactions and ensure every visitor to your website has a perfect user experience.

Key features of the Universal Messenger

  • Comprehensive and legally compliant web tracking
  • Professional user click behavior analysis
  • Features for cross-device personalization
  • Detailed segmentation of your target groups
  • Personalization of accompanying marketing activities such as newsletters and social media
  • On-premise installation for maximum information security

Comprehensive segmentation in Universal Messenger

Realtime click tracking and evaluation

Perfect interplay with FirstSpirit

Thanks to the seamless integration of the Universal Messenger with FirstSpirit, you also profit from the numerous custom-tailored features of your CMS.

  • Simple configuration of target-group-specific content with the ContentCreator
  • Intuitive linking of all web content with the corresponding customer segments
  • Review and optimize your personalized content with the Persona Simulator
  • With Multi-perspective Preview, you can ensure your website displays perfectly on any device

Publish your content over the right channel every time — straight from your FirstSpirit CMS.

Universal Messenger — our custom editions enable your success

The Universal Messenger is available in a number of different editions to ensure all your requirements and objectives are fully met.

RealtimeTargeting Edition

The RealtimeTargeting Edition of the Universal Manager provides targeted personalization of your web content. You benefit from reliable realtime tracking and sophisticated segmentation based on behavioral and socio-demographic data, enabling not only personalized customer communications, but also cross-device identification of every user. The Universal Messenger records up to 500,000 actions per week and can be upgraded to support more actions at any time.

Customer Experience Management Edition

If you're looking for more than just website personalization, the CXM Edition of the Universal Messenger is the right choice. In addition to user-based real-time targeting, this edition also makes it easy to implement personalized e-mail marketing. The CXM Edition is the most advanced version of the Universal Messenger and includes all the features you need to implement fully personalized customer communications across every channel. With optional add-ons, additional features (such as centralized contact management or commenting functionality) can be configured and implemented at any time with no programming required.