Siteimprove-Integration for FirstSpirit

The Siteimprove plugin for FirstSpirit developed by Intentive integrates the Siteimprove Platform into the content creation process of the FirstSpirit CMS. With this plugin, the editor can use the Sitemprove services even before publishing the content to the public website, and therefore analyze and optimize the new or changed page. Thus, a consistently high quality of content is guaranteed, and the site gets a little better every day.

The plugin analyzes the article already in the preview status regarding accessibility, SEO, quality standards and security, and with the help of a detailed analysis generates various suggestions for improvement, which the editor can directly implement. The analysis results of the articles` live version are also available, so that after revision, the results of the Siteimprove analysis can be compared to the previous version.

With the Siteimprove plugin for FirstSpirit, Intentive provides the editor with a valuable analysis tool for his daily work in the CMS - fully integrated and intuitive to use.

Alexander Dohmen, Geschäftsführer von Intentive